Children of Hope

Thank you to everyone who gave to make Christmas such a special time for our Children.

Eric Christmas Gifts
Eric and Kamah surprised their children with wrapped gifts!                                                                              
Ready for church on Christmas morning.
One of my favorite photos
Everyone eating festive foods around the table.
Salome what is in your gift?
Bernice can’t wait to open her gift!!!
Sammy is so happy to have a Christmas present.
Promise with her Christmas gift
Promise can you guess what is in your gift?   
Dapae Bundles of Clothing
Dapae’s children are thrilled to open the bundles of new clothes and try them on!
Everyone helps to sort the sizes.                                                
Sammy holds an armful of clothes.
Prince is ready to try on his new clothes!

Otis Dyega’s children as well as Ma Esther’s children all had a wonderful Christmas.  Everyone had special food and new clothes.  They planned extra activities with the children and reflected on  the true meaning of Christmas… the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

They all say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone!!  ” You are a blessing to us!!”

Karen Barkman






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