Ma Esther and her children are moved in!

What a happy day for Ma Esther and her children!!  They are so grateful to be back in their home community.  Thank you to so many people who made this day possible!  Ma Esther is touched by your kindness.

The smiles on their faces tell it all!  They are home at last.  We all decided it was best for them to move after they completed their first semester of school.  They moved in the last week of February.

Our contractor did a good job of building this house. This is a 2123 sq. ft house with a large living room, dining room, 4 bedrooms, two bathrooms and two porches. The outdoor kitchen is almost complete. It has an attached shop where Ma Esther and her son Leon will operate a small business selling dry goods.
Ma Esther went shopping to choose the furniture. Good job! It looks beautiful!
Lovely Dining Room Set
Ma Esther has a nice comfortable bed.
The master bedroom is spacious with an ensuite bathroom.
Elijah just came home from school.
These are the boy’s bunks. They all got new sheets for their beds.
This is one of the girl’s rooms. The house has 4 bedrooms.
There are 2 bathrooms.
Ma Esther has 10 children in school. Leon graduated last year. He is a big help with the gardens. Leon will also help Ma Esther run their business in the attached shop. Lucy Wolo graduated from tailoring school and now has a job designing clothes.
David looks very sharp in his new uniform!
Ma Esther shows us the attached shop where she will set up her business. She will need a counter and shelving for the food items and dry goods she plans to sell.

The Elm Creek and Pine Falls fundraisers each raised over $ 7,000  early into 2015. What a blessing!!

“Raise the Roof” in Mitchell, MB raised $ 28,000  in May 2015. Amazing!!

After this, I knew we were off to a good start.  I wanted to wait until going over in March 2016, to meet with the contractor and see if we could use the foundation that was there.  Unfortunately, this was not possible.  The heat from the fire had caused too much damage.  The demolished bricks and foundation, was used up by others in the community who crushed it and used it for gravel at their building sites.  I was glad to see it being used.

Thank you to the employees at Barkman Concrete and the Barkman Foundation for selecting Provision of Hope Liberia as your Global Fundraiser again this year.  You surprised us with a generous 13,845 right when we needed it to finish off the interior of the house, build the out door kitchen and all the keyhole gardens.  This will provide the money needed too, to get Ma Esther’s business up and running.

Thank you to so many others, who sent in generous amounts and to those who give so faithfully every month.  It’s because of your giving that we can continue reaching out and making a difference for others.

God bless you!

Karen Barkman








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