Lets save the children!

Pastor Malcolm, our National Director, was out in a nearby community where he came across these twin girls named Glory and Grace. They are one yr olds.  He could see how malnourished they were and had great pity on them!  This hit him hard because he has a one year old daughter in his family. She is healthy and strong and walking everywhere! Malcolm immediately sent these photos  to me, asking for help. ” Of course we can help!”

Glory and Grace looking very malnourished


Provision of Hope contacted Kevin Stoltzfus, the Medical Director at Christian Aid Ministries and he met Malcolm with an armful of nutritional supplements.  This was a huge blessing! We know that these kinds of supplements are hard to find in Liberia!  “Thank you Kevin!”

Pediatric Electrolytes and Liquid Vitamins were given along with nutritional food.


Leaving for home with bags of nutrition for her children. This mama’s heart is filled with HOPE!


Today Malcolm met with these girls again.  We can see that they are starting to look healthier and that they are gaining weight.  Grace is walking!

Malcolm is holding Glory. She is looking much improved but still has a ways to go to catch up to her sister.
Both Girls are improving as they get continued nutrition


Grace was afraid of the camera and I am sorry to post a crying child, but I wanted to show you the weight she gained. This photo showed it best.

Provision of Hope is helping Glory and Grace’s mother in a small business to sell used clothing.  In this way they will have food to eat and can continue to buy nutritious food for the twins.  When Malcolm first met this family they had little food, and needed a mattress for the girls who were sleeping on the floor. We were able to supply food, clothing and a mattress.

Our mission is always to reach out to Children at Risk.  We do all we possibly can do with the funds we have.  Thank you to those who gave towards Glory and Grace!

Your giving helps us reach further and further.  When I see the faces of the malnourished children I am so grateful for our 4 Children’s Homes, where the children are so happy and healthy.

God bless you for Remembering the Poor!


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