School Registrations Begin in Liberia

Every year in August we have so many students who are hoping to go to school. Bernice Roy  lives with Eric and Kamah in one of our sponsored Children’s Homes.  She does not have to worry about school fees, they are provided!  We have others waiting to see if they will get this privilege.  They are hoping and praying!

Bernice Roy is ready to start school in September.

Hope would be in Gr. 5 if there was someone to help her to school.  Jefferson would be in Gr. 7.

Hope and Jefferson are both praying to go to school.  They will need funding.
We rent two rooms for this family. Andrew, back row rt, is one of our nursing graduates who takes care of his widowed mother and all these children. Provision of Hope assists. Rose, his wife is hoping to finish her nursing school. In order to do so she would need funding. Rose is a very bright student.

All these students will be sponsored to school this year, except for Hope and Jefferson, unless we have some one to sponsor them.  Schools in Liberia vary in price.  The approximate cost for one student to attend school for one year is $ 250 to $ 300 USD.  In Liberia each student needs to pay for black shoes $ 10 – $ 15, uniforms $ 10 – $ 15, book bags $ 10 and copy books and pens $ 5

This year we will put as many children to school as we have funding for.  Last school year we put 148 students to school.  Here is our financial breakdown.  Our total education costs for the year were $ 55,967.60

4 Children’s Homes have 60 children. Cost $ 16,386.32  Average Cost per student  $ 273.10 USD per year.

64 Children in our Foster Care Homes and others from poor homes. Cost $ 17,612.83 Average Cost per student $ 275.20 USD per year

8 Grade 12 Grads  Cost $ 2,097.78 USD

13 University Students  $ 19,413.48 USD Average Cost per year $ 1,493.35  USD

Any donation towards our Education fund is most appreciated.

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