Would you like to help a REFUGEE WIDOW to go HOME?

Provision of Hope is hoping to help these widows go back to Liberia.  They have lived in the Buduburam Refugee Camp for way too long.  Ma Theresa has been in this deplorable place for 17 years.  They all fled during the 14 yrs of war in Liberia.  They told our leaders on the camp that they have relatives to take care of them when they get home.  One by one as we have the funding, we will help them back home to Liberia.



Ma Theresa is the first one ready to go home.

As soon as we get her bus fare in she will go.

The cost for the bus fare is  $ 320

The cost for her luggage is  $ 180


This is Ma Ellen with her son and grand daughter

This family will go next

I have walked the paths of this refugee camp

No human soul should have to live in this place!

Open sewers, contaminated water … rats!

One person called this place ” a living hell”



Ma Ellis  will go home by air.

Her medical condition will not allow her to sit on the bus for a week.

The journey home by bus is very tough.

The cost to fly to Liberia will be  $ 480



If you would like to help towards this mission TO HELP WIDOWS IN THEIR DISTRESS  you could donate online or see the details

in mailing a cheque.  Blessings to all our donors who help us reach out to these poor ones.   God will reward you!!

Click here:  TO DONATE


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