Lets Celebrate with our Students!!

It’s Graduation Time!! Lets celebrate!!

Liberia is buzzing with excitement as many of our students are graduating!!  We encourage our parents to pay the small fees required for the children to participate in these celebration events.  This encourages the children to focus and to be proud of their accomplishments. It builds their confidence and shows them they are valued!  Every child deserves to be recognized for their achievements.  Well done students!!!  WE ARE PROUD OF YOU!!

Prince Jaylah and Mara Bah both graduated to Gr. 10. Efrance Gbour also graduated to Gr. 10 but they didn’t have grad ceremonies at her school. They will after Gr. 12.
Education is vital to every child’s future success. Eric and Kamah make sure their children stay focused. They have a tutor to conduct study classes after school. All our homes have tutors.













Mark Gbolue just graduated from Kindergarten to Grade 1. Mark is standing proudly beside his big brother Prince Jaylah. Congratulations boys!!
Clearic Gbour graduated to Grade 1. In Liberia this is a big celebration! Clearic is Eric and Kamah’s son.













Promise Jones you look so beautiful! We are proud of your hard work.
Promise is receiving her promotion to Grade 7. What a happy day!
Promise Jones, Clearic Gbour, Mark Gbolue and Mara Bah. All in cap and gowns.


















Eric and Kamah had a party with all their children, honoring those who graduated!!!

Nelly Gbogar is part of the Dyega Family. She graduated to Gr. 7.
Congratulations Nelly! You did well! Everyone is celebrating with you today!












Felecia Dyega was crowned Queen of her School on June 15th! Way to go Felecia!
Felecia we are so proud of you! You are a true queen!












Linda Dapae will be graduating to Grade 1 on July 6th. This will be another BIG DAY!!
Christopher Young graduated to Gr. 1! It’s a time to give gifts and throw a party!!












Many of the schools have GALA DAYS!!  These are festive days where the students enjoy participating in special events, like sports, bands, and dances.

Nelson Dyega in Costume for Gala Days
Ma Dee from the Dyega Home is also in costume.











Rachel Koplay participated in the school band.
Bendu Kollinson in her school band uniform for the Gala Day Events.
Janet Mulbah too was part of this festive Gala Day Event.







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