What a wonderful two weeks we had in Liberia!  We saw so much progress!

One of our greatest joys is seeing the children in our homes and spending time with them. Knowing how well they are cared for and loved makes the effort so worth it.  A big thank you to our parents who run the homes and to all the donors who help support our children and other projects.  It’s through your giving that all this is possible. We also have an amazing staff on the grounds who are so devoted and diligent.

This is Otis and his children just before the wedding. I was so thrilled that they postponed the date so I could attend. As the “traditional” wedding ceremony proceeded they announced that they were officially welcoming me into their family! Therefore, I needed to be taken out and dressed in their family dress.






I felt so honored to be a part of this wedding and so happy to see the children so excited to see their dad getting married.
Otis and Benetta are so well suited for each other. Benetta lost her husband too several years ago. I know Benetta will bring a lot of joy to Otis and to this home. She’s a strong Christian and loves children. Benetta is a blessing!
Daniel and Pinkey Keamue had a beautiful wedding on February 2nd. What a joy to be at their wedding as well. Daniel has been our accountant since 2005. He is so faithful and will make an exceptional husband for Pinkey.
We took medical drugs to Dr. Hena at Waterfield Primary Health Care Centre in Kakata. Dr. Hena has a heart of gold and goes the extra mile to help the poor who cannot afford treatment. We get these medicines from HPIC through a donation of $675 for every 50 pound box. Their approx. value is $ 6,400. We bring medical drugs in that are hard to find in Liberia, and are a very good quality.
Andrew Wallace and Otis Dyega are both nurses, who also got some of the medical supplies for our Children’s Homes. Andrew and Rose are on our program too as Hope Home Parents taking care of children who have no parents. Provision of Hope funded Andrew through university to get his BN degree. Rose will be graduating with a degree in Nursing this year too!
We are so proud of all our Hope Home Parents! They value each child in the same way we do. ” God has no orphans, he only has sons and daughters!” We gathered everyone for training and discussions on how things are going.
In our Parent’s Meeting we introduced ” Character First” Education. This is a course placing a high value on building future leaders of character. Each home received a copy of 30 lessons that are so practical to teach kids. These are lessons on Honesty, Kindness, Respect, Obedience, Gratefulness, Self-Control, Forgiveness, Creativity etc. We talked about ” Parents being the best role models!
Another highlight on our trip was spending time with our widows and seeing the joy on their faces as we worshiped together. We met with over 100 widows in Matadi. Listen to this song! “He didn’t have to do it but He did” He woke me up this morning and sent me on my way! He didn’t have to do it but He did!”






We keep empowering single mothers like Francess. This is a life transformed! From working the streets to following Jesus! I asked Ruth, her older daughter, ” Do you like your new Mama?!!” Her quick response was ” Oh yes!!!!!” The girls are both doing well in school. They live in a safe community. We had an amazing time of prayer in their little place. When I said lets pray, the first thing they all did was kneel on the floor. We had a taste of heaven when they started to sing ” It’s gotta be God!”




Kristine Riley shared her latest Henrietta Book ” The Heart of Africa’s Garden” with the Bridge of Hope Girls School. This is a photo of Emmanuel Juah one of the teachers receiving copies of the book for their library. Kristine shared her story and left 100 books in the hands of so many parents for their children and students to read. Visit her website if you would like a copy. Kids love her books!!
We continue to partner with farmers all over Liberia. Here is a photo of women who farm receiving seeds and tools. Many benefit through this program. Kelvin Taweh and Joseph Sackie are Provision of Hope Organic Agriculture Trainers who took their studies in Kenya with Organics 4 Orphans







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