Weddings in February!!

Wedding bells will be ringing in Liberia this February!

Daniel Keamue is getting married to Pinkey Ward on February 2nd! I am so excited to be present at this wedding!

Daniel has been doing our accounting since 2005! He has a Bsc in Business Management. Provision of Hope funded his schooling.  Daniel has served faithfully.  I am so happy for him to have found his wife!

Pray for the Favor of the Lord to be on this Special Day!


If anyone would care to donate towards this wedding I know it would be a huge blessing to them.  There are still costs to cover.

Pinkey has children she takes care of, so this will be an added responsibility for Daniel as well.  He will make a super great dad!






The second wedding will be Mr. Otis Dyega getting married to his fiancee Benetta Saywrayne!  They too are very excited about this day.  I am thrilled that they postponed their big day so I could attend!  I met Benetta on my last trip to Liberia. She is so suited to Mr. Otis and she loves children.  Otis lost his wife in 2012 through a sudden heart attack.  Benetta has been a widow for several years too.  See the budget for their wedding at the bottom of this post.  We know finances are tight for weddings in Liberia.  I do hope to honor both couples with some kind of help.

Otis is the dad in our Children’s Home in Buchanan.  He is one amazing dad who cares for his children well and teaches them to be responsible.  They are taught to have a strong faith in God. These are well disciplined children who take their school work very seriously.

This wedding will be more of a traditional kind of wedding.  Otis is hoping that we can help him with a contribution towards his costs.


Food $ 150   Dowry payment $ 50   Wedding clothes for the couple $ 75  Renting a musical set $ 50.  Marriage Certificate $ 50   Rings for both $ 50 Printing of Invitations 20  Clothes for parents 40  Photos of the wedding 75   Transportation for the couple and party  $ 50  Soft Drinks $ 80  = a Total sum of  $ 690

This is often why couples in Liberia will live together rather than get married, because even a traditional wedding is expensive for them.

Please join me in praying for these couples as they do the last minute preparations for their weddings!  I am invited to pray a PRAYER OF BLESSING over each couple at their wedding!  What an honor!!

Pray for Kristine Riley and I as we journey to Liberia. We leave January 27th. 

This will be my 12th Trip to Liberia since first going in 2003. Kristine Riley is on her 4th trip! She’s a close friend and great person to travel with. 

Kristine Riley is the author of a number of children’s books in the series of Henrietta the Butterfly!  She just finished her last one called ” The Heart of Africa’s Garden”  The kids will certainly LOVE this one! Click on the highlight to see more.

We are taking medical kits again and have “so” much luggage! Email me if you would like to be put on my prayer network for this trip.  Prayer is so powerful!

Angela Davis’ mother Annette Wieler is meeting up with us in Frankfurt.  Pray all goes well for her too.  She is the brave one, traveling alone!  Annette is going to see her daughter and son-in-law Emmanuel who just moved to Liberia this past September! They are there as missionaries for 4 yrs. engaged in  Church Renewal.  I can’t wait to see them too!! 



Karen Barkman


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