Refugees pleading to go Home

We have more refugees in the Buduburam Refugee Camp who are hoping to go home.

I have walked the paths of this camp and it NOT A PLACE you or I would want to live.  God can you please send help to these forgotten ones?  Can we bring HOPE to them THIS CHRISTMAS?

Patricia has a sad story, like many others in this camp.  She fled from Liberia to Ivory Coast during the war in 1996. Her daughter Anna was born in Liberia before fleeing.  Patricia and Samuel were born in Ivory Coast.  In 2002 the Ivorian Civil War broke out and they had to flee once more!  This time they fled to Ghana.  During this crisis her husband went missing.  In the face of so many needs, I cannot leave these in their situation.  They struggle so hard selling cooked rice and braiding hair, just to try to make it in this camp.  So many times people get deathly sick in this camp with all the sewage and diseases. It’s my prayer that we can find the funds to help them home to Liberia, where relatives will help them once they arrive.  The cost to help one person home by bus is $ 150.  Goal to raise is $ 600.


Patricia and her family Patricia and her family
Buduburam Camp is deplorable! Buduburam Camp is deplorable!

It is your donations that make all this possible!! When we put all the funds together we make things happen!

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