Maryland School in Need of Clean Drinking Water

Dapae & Rita opened up a newly constructed Christian school in Maryland last August.  They just dug a well on this property. They were faced with numerous hurdles drilling through the rock before eventually striking good, clean water! What a happy day when they landed water!! Nevertheless, to be able to drink this water, they require a suitable chlorine filtration system along with a pump. The pump costs $650 US, with an additional $120 US for installation.

We aim to supply this pump for them so that the children can access clean drinking water at school. This well will supply water in Dapae & Rita’s Hope Home, the school, and their community. In Liberia, they often say, “Water is Life.” It is vital that the water is pure and safe for drinking.

Well is finished 1

The drillers are completing the final masonry work on the well

Rita Draws a Bucket of Clean Water 1

There is Clean Water!!! Praise God!!

Dapae and Rita with Teachers

Dapae with their 13 staff

School Children 2

Maryland School Children

Presently, this school caters to students from Kindergarten to Grade 3, with a total staff of 13 members. The staff includes a school principal, six teachers for grades K-3, two teachers for Nursery classes A and B, two caretakers, one security personnel, and a janitor. Provision of Hope is currently funding the salaries of the six teachers. We are hoping to find donors who would like to sponsor a teacher in the same way we have donors to sponsor our children.

Currently, their starting salary is $60 per month. These are qualified teachers, and any contribution towards their salaries would be greatly appreciated. We aim to increase their salaries in the upcoming school year, ensuring fair compensation for their valuable work in educating the children.

To read more about the Maryland School click here!


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