Buduburam Refugees Pleading to Go Home!

So many refugees in the Buduburam Camp are left homeless and are pleading to return to Liberia! Click here to see this disaster PEOPLE LEFT HOMELESS IN REFUGEE CAMP What a hopeless situation! We did find housing for the families listed in our previous post.  The next bus is scheduled to leave Ghana for Liberia on May 4th.  We are hoping to take at least 6 persons.  The cost for a bus fare is $ 150 US.  Each person will have $ 150 US for luggage. 

Abigale Nimely going to her mother Everlyn Fulka 10

Abigale is longing to go to her mother in Liberia. She has been in the Buduburam Refugee Camp with out her family for too long.

Everlyn Clinton her daughter Esther and grand daughter Enette 10

Mama Everlyn is praying to return back to Liberia with her daughter Esther and little grand daughter Enette.

Alex & Joy Woods going to father 20

Alex and Joy Woods hope to go to their father in Liberia.

Ma Marie has suffered much in this camp. Not too long ago she lost her son.  She does have another son in Liberia who will take care of her when she arrives.

We are encouraging all refugees to go back to Liberia. Life will be better for them there.

We will help as many persons as we have funding for.  There are so many coming to Linda Jarbah asking for help to go home.  We are starting with those who have families in Liberia to take them in and care for them.

Linda and her family have chosen to stay in their home outside the camp.  What a sad day it was when her business and their church were demolished. So many are still homeless.



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