Expanding Hope Amongst Widows in Liberia

Provision of Hope continues to expand its work with widows in various counties of Liberia. Our partnership with Wordsower International has increased our capacity to serve more widows, all of whom are facing desperate needs. Often, widows are also raising their grandchildren, and some live alone without any family support. We make an effort to visit them more frequently.
Recently we have opened up two new groups. One is with Otis Dyega’s church in Buchanan, and the other is with Leona Lamah’s church and community in Johnsonville. This addition brings over one hundred more widows into our care, resulting in a total of well over 300 widows across all four groups. These groups meet monthly for fellowship and they receive essential supplies such as bags of rice, oil, and seasonings. Additionally, our group of 152 widows in Matadi meets twice per month.
Roger Gbah with the widows in Buchanan
Roger Gbah with the widows in Buchanan.
Happy for the increase of supplies in the Matadi Group
The women in the Matadi Group express their gratitude for the increased supplies.
Daniel Coleman is responsible for overseeing all the widow groups, and they regularly report to him. Additionally, they are all required to fill out forms every month.
Daniel Visits the new group in Buchanan

Daniel visits the new group in Buchanan.

Daniel assists a widow in Johnsonville to fill out a registration form
Daniel assisting a widow in Johnsonville to fill out a registration form.
This video showcases the Matadi Group, where 152 individuals are registered to receive bags of rice, oil, and seasonings twice a month. They express their joy and gratitude for the increased supplies, since our partnership with Wordsower.

The lyrics to the song are: “He didn’t have to do it but He did, He didn’t have to do it but He did, He woke me up this morning and led me on my way, He didn’t have to do it but He did!”

Amen to His faithfulness!


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