Life Gardens Flourish In Nimba County

Provision of Hope Trainers recently organized their fourth Organic Agriculture Workshop in Nimba County. This workshop was at the Golden Foundation Shepherd’s School in Ganta! The workshop drew a diverse group of thirty-four participants, including students, staff, and members of the local community who participated in the 4-day training. Preston Gonmiah and Patrick Goh conducted the workshop. They are both Champion Trainers certified through the Thrive Institute.
Preston and School Principal welcoming the trainers
Preston Gonmiah, our trainer, presents the seeds and tools to the school principal after a four-day workshop.
Tools and Seeds

Students with the tools and seeds gifted to them.

The school has a large garden space of land where they are planting the seeds we brought for them. They will plant okra, cucumbers, collard green and corn. Our trainers show them how to plant effectively. We follow the methodology of Thrive for Good. Through Thrive for Good, all our trainers received their scholarships and became certified.
Planting in the prepared beds
Students learn to plant in the prepared beds.
Students tending to their sac gardens
Students tend to their sac gardens.
Preston just got back from a visit to the school to see how their crops were doing. See the Hot Peppers, Okra, and the Corn Crops doing so well.
Hot Peppers May 2024
The hot pepper plants are growing beautifully.
Corn Crop flourishing
The corn crops are flourishing.


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