CHRISTMAS gifts for the POOR

PEOPLE everywhere in the world LOVE TO GIVE CHRISTMAS GIFTS, and especially to those who are poor.

This Christmas it is MY PRAYER that we can give gifts to all our orphan children and our refugee children who have so very little.

Many families and individuals  love to do a PROJECT together.  Here are some GREAT IDEAS!!

____  $30 Buys a present for an orphan child

This is a photo of Silas Mulbah holding presents.  He just turned 3 yrs. old.

Just one year ago, he almost died.  He was sickly and malnourished.  Today he is strong and healthy!!

Silas lives on the Buduburam Refugee Camp.  This is the first present this child has ever had!


____   $ 50   Buys MIRACLE  some new clothes

____  $ 75    Treatment for his skin disease

____  $ 20    New shoes for a child

____  $200   Funds a child to school



____  $60  Buys a Mattress

____  $200  Buys a Bunk Bed

____  $25   Buys Blankets

_____ $5   Buys a Mosquito Net




Rarely do any of our Liberian people get chicken!

Only a couple of times per year.   Some never get chicken.


____  $100 Buys Chicken Dinner for a Hope Home with many children




_____  $200 Buys a new frame bed + Mattress for a widow

Ma Yamah is sooooooooo happy with her new bed!


____   $35 buys a bag of rice in Liberia

____  $58 buys a bag of rice in Ghana

The children at the refugee camp are so happy for the rice and so are our dear widows!!  We are hoping to buy slippers for all the children of our Single Mothers at the Buduburam Refugee Camp.  One pair of slippers is $4.  We need 100.


More ideas:

->$240 pays room rent for one full year – 3 per room

->$250 transports a refugee back home to Liberia

-> $75  transports a refugee child back home to Liberia

-> $50 will treat most people with a serious disease like typhoid or malaria, diabetes, pneumonia

If you would like to send a Christmas GIFT , please fill out  our DONATIONS PAGE and send it with your cheque.

To donate by credit card phone 250-454-9456 and ask for Karen Barkman.


Karen Barkman


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