BUDUBURAM REFUGEE CAMP in Ghana  is a very difficult  place to live.   Over 30,000 people are left stranded here, just  hoping and praying to go back home to Liberia, or any other place, but this camp!   How will they go, they have no money.  Rice is  sold for $60 dollars a bag, they have no jobs.   They buy their drinking water AND their bath water.  There are open sewers, flies and rats.  Diseases of every kind. 

Provision of Hope has a Single Mothers Empowerment Program where we help these single mothers with micro businesses,  just to “try” to survive!  Their children are not in school, unless they find a sponsor.  They all need help!  We have over 70 mothers, with children.

These four single mothers are the next on the list to go home.  

Our goal is to get them HOME FOR CHRISTMAS.  They all have relatives who will help them once they get to Liberia. 

The cost for one adult is $250  Children $75.  They can travel home by bus.  



   Annie Williams and her Daughter Passion     Precious Jopleh & her two children       

Each one of our mothers has a horrific story of how she ESCAPED THE WAR in Liberia, and fled to seek asylum in this refugee camp.  Some were tortured and beaten by rebels.  Often captured and raped.  They ran while others were gunned down, and killed.  It’s been a horror story!   Unimaginable to most of us in North America!      



      Cynthia Boimah and son Emmanuel                       Helen Byrpu and Son Marvin

If you would like to help these mothers home, please fill out  our DONATIONS PAGE and send it with your cheque. 

To donate by credit card phone 250-454-9456 and ask for Karen Barkman.

Always remember, no donation, is ever too small.  TOGETHER WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE!



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