Austin Seeboe you are a Graduate of Cuttington University!!

Congratulations Austin for achieving your Degree in Public Administration and Economics!!  You worked hard to see this day!!  We are all so very proud of you!!!  YOU DID IT!!!!


On June 30th Austin Seeboe graduated with a degree from one of Liberia’s best universities!

Austin finished well and is now ready to start the job search.  God will open doors for him as we pray and believe.

Austin is a man of integrity and purpose.   We have total confidence in his abilities and talents. He has proven himself over the years and will be a real benefit to any Liberian organization or business.   Thank God for the  African Christians Fellowship International Orphan Home in Monrovia that cared for him over the years.  He came to the home soon after his Grandmother was killed in the 1996 civil war.  Austin was very young when his mother died.  

 Looking happy!!!  Today is your day!!              Austin, what is going on here?  Looks like so much fun.. hahha!!

In 2003, Austin met Wayne and Donna Shenk, from Vanderhoof, BC, at the Daniel Hoover Children’s Village.   This is when I too, first met Austin.   He even remembered the very words I spoke to him when I met him!!!  It was Donna Shenk who said, “I would like to  sponsor Austin, he will be my boy”  I am always amazed how God takes care of the fatherless, and sets the lonely in families.  Thank you Donna, for funding Austin through school.  He is so appreciative!   This would not have been possible without you’re help.  Thank you  for your mother’s heart and your prayers.  Austin is a champion with strong leadership skills.

Austin with colleagues and friends!   Certainly this is a  DAY TO REMEMBER!!

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, Austin,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 

It was great talking to you today!!!  See you soon in Liberia!!

Mama Karen


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