WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU,  Grade 12 students!!  Saturday, June 30th is A DAY WE WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER!  You have all worked so hard to Achieve your Goal!  YOU DID IT!!!  CONGRATULATIONS!!

                    JASON SUKU                                                           PATRICK GOH  

             RANDALL DOEGMAH                                                    MCPHER KOFFA 


JOSEPH SACKIE, JASON SUKU, MCPHER KOFFA, FRANK JULUTOE, RANDALL DOEGMAH, PATRICK GOH, TIMOTHY NURSON + MOSES TAWEH you are all growing into fine young men of integrity.  You are among Liberia’s best!!  We honor you today!!  We wish you God’s very best as you step into your future.  We know you have what it takes to make it in life.  Thank you Pastor Malcolm for the many hours you have spent in training and mentoring these students.  I know they speak highly of you  for all your tedious efforts towards them and your help to make this day possible. 


JOSPEH SACKIE  receives his diploma.     TIMOTHY NURSON  receiving his diploma at the ceremony.


FRANK JULUTOE received “Best  Student of the Year Award” in Religion!    MOSES TAWEH Congratulations!!!!  

We know how you can preach Frank, with passion and with power!  You will start fires of revival wherever you go!!  Stay focused!   Keep going!!

   Ma Demowa one of our widows giving Moses a gift.   Oh Happy Day!!!   Smiles on the faces of everyone!

The boys had a BIG PARTY back at the house!  They invited friends and relatives to join them.  They celebrated with music, chicken, fried rice,  pop and several cakes.    The air was full of happy sounds!!!  

 The boys were all presented with gifts back at the House.  It was definitely a TIME TO CELEBRATE!!

Seven of these students have moved out to their shared rooms.  Frank Julutoe has stayed on at the Discipleship Training Center, to assist  in mentoring the younger students.   Each of the graduates has received start up money to run a small business and in that way  provide for himself.  Once they show us they can make it on their own, we will allow them to apply for future schooling.    At that point we will do evaluations to see who qualifies for further education and funding.  

Our prayers and blessings are with all  you boys as you keep going forward in life.  Always remember that with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

I will soon be there to shake your hands and congratulate you in person!!!    See you on July 26th YOUR INDEPENDENCE DAY!



Mama Karen









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