Congratulations Eletha Voker!!! We are so proud of you!!

Eletha Voker and the children at Ma Esther’s Home, have a worthy cause to celebrate!!!  They are making special food and having a party in honor of their big sister, Eletha!!   Today marks a great achievement as Eletha graduates with her class mates at the Apostolic Foundation High School.  Well done!!

Ma Esther’s children all honor Eletha on her graduation day!  This is a BIG DAY!!

Eletha is a very brilliant student.  She came to live with Ma Esther in 2008, after the death of her father.  Her mother is alive, but very poor.  There was no way for Eletha to finish her school,  so Ma Esther brought her to live at her house.  This is when Provision of Hope, began funding Eletha’s schooling.  Eletha has been so helpful in tutoring the younger children in their studies.  We are trusting that we can further Eletha’s studies in the future, by granting her another scholarship.  She is a very focused student, and her marks show it.

 Eletha with Ma Esther                           Eletha with Lucy Wolo                  Eletha with Marie Lewis

Everyone wants their photo taken with their HERO OF THE DAY!!!  For so many children in Liberia going to school is only a dream. 

 Eletha with  Daniel Kollie                   Eletha with David Jallah                     Eletha with Olive Dolo

Ma Esther knows how to throw a party for her children!!!  She prepares a feast!!


Fufu is ready to eat with rice and soup!              Popcorn, cakes, chicken and soda pops for everyone.

Eletha we wish you God’s very best as you step into your future.  I know God will be with you, to see the desires of your heart come to pass.

Keep trusting.  Always hang on to hope!!

We love you!!

Mama Karen





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