Leaving for Liberia Tomorrow July 24th!!!

This year we are flying into Liberia with a Team of Teachers!  They will be training teachers in phonics, reading and math.  Each of the Liberian teachers who successfully completes all sessions of the SEEDS OF KNOWLEDGE INTERNATIONAL TEACHER’S CONFERENCE will receive a certificate.

5 teachers coming from Steinbach and Mitchell

Books are ready to go!


Elaine Peters is married to Reg Peters and is blessed to be the mother of two beautiful daughters ages 15 and 12.  She has been an elementary school teacher for 20 years.  It was 2 years ago that Elaine was introduced to Provision of Hope when a student in her classroom brought for show and tell, pictures of the child she and her family sponsor.  Elaine is excited to now partner with Provision of Hope and Hope for the Nations to minister to orphans, widows and teachers in Liberia.   It was Elaine who spearheaded Raise the Roof  for Ma Esther’s Children.  What a successful event!  Elaine and her family sponsor Gertrude in Ma Esther’s home.
Karen Swiderski has thoroughly enjoyed working with children during her 20 year career as an elementary school teacher. She teaches half-time and is also a teacher trainer in the areas of Readingand Writing. She is eagerly anticipating working with teachers in Liberia, seeing the progress being made on Ma Esther’s Hope Home, and also meeting all the special people like her sponsor son, Omoko, Ma Esther and the people who work so hard to educate the children of Liberia. We are praying that God’s will may be done as we teach, learn from and interact with the Liberian people.
Yvonne Schroeder is currently working as a principal and has been working to help students learn and teachers teach for 22 years.  God has made it very clear to her that Liberia is the place He wants her to be this summer and with this exact group of women.  She counts it a real privilege to be involved with other Christian educators from within her school division – yeahHanover!  Previously, Yvonne has participated in summer mission trips to Lithuania and Ukraine as well as traveling extensively for the pure joy of it.  She too is looking forward to seeing the amazing things God is going to accomplish through this group of willing workers this summer!

Lorie Friesen has worked as an elementary school teacher for the past 22 years. Currently she enjoys her work as a resource teacher, assisting teachers, students and parents in problem solving in many areas. She is looking forward to meeting Liberian teachers and learning together about how to meet the needs in Liberian classrooms.
 Kristen Reimer has been teaching since 2005 and is REALLY excited for how God is going to use this team of teachers, with their varying experiences, to further His kingdom and bring encouragement and training to Liberian teachers. Kristen has had the privilege of going to the nations over the years and seeing God perform miracle healings, signs and wonders and there is great anticipation for what’s in store for the people of Liberia this summer! Bring it on, Lord… more of YOU and less of us!  
  Kristine Riley lives in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada.  She worked in office administration for 30 years, mostly in the real estate industry.  Kristine is the author of a newly published book called “The Story of Henrietta Caterpillar.”  She is bringing many copies with her for the children of Liberia and Ghana.  Kristine first went to Liberia with Provision of Hope in January 2011.  “What an impact it made on my life!” “It is an expression of the beauty and uniqueness of each individual life and an inspiration to all children to develop the love, gifts and talents that God has given to each of them.” Kristine goes into Elementary Schools to share her story and the kids all love it!  For more information about ordering her book  go to www.byheavensdesign.ca
 Karen Barkman has been going to Liberia since the end of the last civil war in 2003.  Every year she takes teams into Liberia on missions reaching out to orphans, widows and refugees, with the love of God.  “What an incredible privilege to walk alongside those who generously give of their time to come with me!  It is the work of many individuals that has made Provision of Hope what it is today!!!”  Thank you one and all!!   And to Liberia,  I have to say, you have made me a better person!!  To God be the Glory!!  



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