Community Tidiness Care

COMMUNITY TIDINESS CARE is a new program that Daniel Coleman initiated.               This is a group of volunteer workers who go from community to community collecting garbage.  Look at these photos!  What a difference they are making to the streets of Lower New Matadi and other communities in Monrovia.  This is awesome! 

This Team has 18 youth who “volunteer”  for 5 hrs on Saturdays picking up garbage and hauling it to designated disposal sites. They start  at 8:00 am and finish at 1:00 pm.  Daniel Coleman is the Project Manager.  He is a senior university student living at the Discipleship Training Center and studying Criminal Law.  It is great to see our Youth Leaders contributing to their communities and modelling this to their younger brothers.  Yesterday’s orphans have become today’s leaders!

Garbage invites flies which carry germs that are responsible for causing diseases like dysentry, food poisoning, conjunctivitis and typhoid.

Paul Barchue is one of our Gr. 12 students who is part of this program.  Patrick Goh graduated last year and is presently taking computer courses.  He has just registered at Stella Maris to study Social Work.  Patrick came from the Buduburam Refugee Camp in Ghana when he was 16.  Provision of Hope helped him resettle in Liberia, along with his mother and sibblings.

Frank Julutoe is raking fallen leaves.  He graduated last year and is one of our outstanding role models.  He is passionate for Christ!  He often leads our evening devotions at the Discipleship Training Center.  He has just registered at Stella Maris to study Architecture.  Frank is the Project Field Supervisor for Community Tidiness Care.  

Many wheel barrow loads get hauled to the refuse pile.   After the 5 hrs are completed, Daniel has a special dish of rice waiting for his hungry workers.  A neighbor in the community prepared this for them.  These are the names of our volunteers:  Daniel Coleman, Frank Julutoe, Richard Wonbiah, Jason Suku,  Saye Gea, Patrick Goh, Paul Barchue, James Kollie, Darvin Darlieh, Robert Toe, Emmanuel Bourgar, Eli Passawe, George Seebo, Michael Gbahn, Melvin Seebo, Jeremiah Gaye, Samuel Tarr, Jerry Mulbah,  Emmanuel Vah, Boddyson Zlebroolo, Tony Nayenney and Love Kamara.  Thank you Daniel for organizing this so well!  Good job!  See more on Daniel Coleman by clicking here Orphan Child Now Studies Criminal Law 


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