Happy New Year from Liberia

Our Parents and Children are all wishing you a “VERY BLESSED NEW YEAR.  WE ARE THANKING GOD FOR YOU AND ASKING HIM TO RETURN A BLESSING TO YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE GIVEN TO US!!”  Thank you to the “many” who donated towards our Christmas fund this year.  You made it possible to meet so many needs in ALL our project areas.  I am overwhelmed by your kindness.  Thank you so much!

Our Hope Home children all got new clothes. We bought used clothing by the bags for each of our 4 homes. Our widows had extra portions of rice, oil and soap.  Our students can keep going to school.  More small businesses are helping whole families to stand on their own.  Agricultural projects are moving forward in organic gardening, poultry, goat and pig farming.  We brought several more refugees home. We bought mattresses and helped others to get medical help or food.  This is all because there are people here in North America who go beyond their own needs to help others.  And….God says He “will” reward you … ”  Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done.” Proverbs 19:17

Notice all the happy smiles on our Christmas photos!!  One thing I always notice in the children after they have lived in our homes for some time is that … Their EYES COME ALIVE!!

Salome with her gift
Salome is so excited to open her gift
Which one is this
Chelsea could hardly wait for Christmas morning to open his gift.
Group photo
Eric & Kamah’s Children are showing you their gifts.
Ma Esther prepared a lovely meal of chicken and rice with soda pops for everyone!
Dapae Phons Potos 122
Mother Rita had a party for the children and invited some of the community children too.
Christmas Food (2)
Rita is busy cooking some of their favorite dishes.
Christmas k 2
Special Cakes just for Christmas Day
Otis’ children are laughing and having fun acting silly for the camera. They had a special dinner too.
Special Food
Fufu, casava, jolef rice and chicken!!! Yum!!
Jestina with her Christmas Gift
Jestina holds her gift
The twins
Alvin an Calvin love their new outfits.
Ruth Weah 2 gets her Christmas Gift
Ruth can’t wait to open her present.

What a blessing to see smiles on the faces of these children and “know” that each one is cared for and loved.  Thank you for making this possible!!







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