Medical Supplies for Liberia

In 4 weeks  our team is  leaving for Liberia!  We are planning to take Physician Travel Packs with us as we did in 2014.  These are medical packs that we apply for through Health Partners International of Canada. Their mission is to “increase access to medicine and improve health in vulnerable communities” like the remote villages of Liberia.  We pay “only” $ 575 CAD for each 50 pound package of medicines. The value of “each” pack is between $7,000 to $10,000!  We can take in as many packs of medicines as we have funding for.  This is why I am sending out this email for those who would be able to help us.   To donate scroll to the bottom of the page.

Dr. Hena 2

We have a partnership with Dr. Chris Hena who is the executive director of Healthy Women Healthy Liberia.  This doctor spends her life treating the poor in Liberia.  Her work is truly amazing.  When we visited Dr Hena in 2014, her team was going out to 33 remote villages bringing primary health care and medicines to the sick.


This child was deathly ill by the time she reached the clinic.

Suffering Children

The remote areas are needing more medicines.  Clinics and hospitals are too far away.

Too many children die from preventable diseases before reaching their first birthday.

We can do something to change that!

For this reason our team decided we will do what we can to help.  Our mission is to get these medicines into the remote areas, where there are no clinics.   Through Dr. Chris Hena and others in the medical field we have connections to do just that.

Click here to Donate on line in Canada    donations_button

Or Mail a Cheque Payable to Hope for the Nations   Mail to:   101-1865 Dilworth Dr. Suite 342, Kelowna, BC  V1Y 9T1

In the US make your check Payable to Wordsower International Memo: Provision of Hope  Address:  P.O. Box 8064 Salem, OR  97303  Click on this link to donate in the US

If you need more information please contact Karen Barkman  250-454-9456  or email

We will be sure to give you feed back on your donations,  after our team returns.

Visit these websites  Healthy Women Healthy Liberia
   Health Partners International of Canada







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