Leaving for Liberia in 3 Days

This trip we are a team of 4, but we are taking in a “truck load” of supplies.  Will this be too crazy, I guess we will soon find out!!  I am actually tired, just thinking about it…hahaha  However, as always, I am trusting and believing in angels to show up along the way!!  Please pray for us!   If you would like to join our prayer network please email me, karen@provisionofhope.com   Scroll down to MEET THE TEAM


A. We are bringing in Physician Travel Medical Packages with Primary Care Medical Products from  Health Partners International of Canada in collaboration with Healthy Women Healthy Liberia.  We have 9 boxes going!  Plus 2 suitcases each and our carryons!

B.  We will check up on our 4 Children’s Homes and all our foster care homes, as well as our single mothers on our program.  We will bring back updated photos as best we can.

C.  We are bringing in a School Curriculum in conjunction with Organic Nutritional Training  in partnership with Organics 4 Orphans  and checking in on most of  the Agricultural Projects.

D.  We will make decisions at board level on the rebuilding of Ma Esther’s Home.  We will go to the site with our Contractor for his best advice as we  plan to move ahead with building.

E.  We are attending and speaking at the “Kingdom Come” Conference hosted by the Provision of Hope Intercessory Women.

F.  We will have leadership training sessions with our students at the Discipleship Training Center.

G. We will meet with our precious widows and participate in their fellowship gathering, on the Saturday that they get their rice bags, oil, and other goods.  This is always a highlight!

H.  We stop, many times with all the unexpected visitors along our path, not forgetting that everyone is valuable in the eyes of God.  Our teams go in, always ready to pray with those who have needs.  We are expecting many miracles!!

Crystal Gray Crystal Gray lives on Vancouver Island, BC and is the mother of five amazing (grown) kids, including two adopted from Liberia in 2007. This will be her first trip back to Liberia since then and she is really looking forward to spending time with the kids and learning as much as she can about the work of Provision of Hope.  Crystal will be working closely with the Children’s Homes, taking photos, updating files and doing crafts and activities with all the children. Crystal Gray
Cyrus Gray Cyrus Gray is the son of Crystal and Sean  Gray who live on Vancouver Island. He currently works full time and dreams of all things sports…especially basketball! He is looking forward to his first visit back to his birth country.
Kristine Riley lives in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.  She worked in office administration for 30 years, mostly in the real estate industry.  Kristine is the author of two  published children’s books. She will be bringing many copies with her for the children of Liberia.  This will be Kristine’s 3rd trip with Provision of Hope.   “What an impact it made on my life!”  For more information about ordering her books  go to www.byheavensdesign.ca new_Left-to-right-Wadr-hair-dec
Mama Karen with the Children Karen Barkman is the Executive Director of Provision of Hope Liberia Inc.  She has been going to Liberia since 2003.  This will be her 10th trip!       ” When I saw the suffering children I knew I would do all that I could possibly do to help!”   Karen lives in Kelowna, BC with her husband David.  They just celebrated 40 yrs of marriage!  They live near their children and 5 grand kids.   Karen is so grateful for her dedicated staff in Liberia and for the many who give to make the work we do possible.


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