Fundraiser Dinner Raises Over $ 25,000

What an amazing night we had on May 10th in Mitchell, Manitoba!!  Thank you to everyone who participated in making this evening an outstanding success! What a generous community of people coming together to  help others in Liberia, West Africa!

Island Breeze put on a spectacular performance!
You are so inspirational! What vibrant colours!!
Beautiful! So talented!
Island Breeze captured the attention of everyone! The kids loved your dance! Guess what they will be playing tomorrow!!
Elaine Peters is the founder of “Raise the Roof” Fundraising Dinners. This is No. 5!  Elaine you and Reg are a remarkable team!! They both took the day off work to serve all day at this event! Stephen and Sheri Rooke you are faithful attendees too! It was Stephen who stepped forward at an Appreciation Night to say, he wanted to donate for Otis Dyega’s Home.  Thank you for your generous help!!
Abe and Karen Sawatzky we could not do this without you!! You are incredible! Every Fundraiser you are both so willing to serve. Karen organizes the menu and manages the kitchen with excellence! The food is always so delicious! Abe does a fast accurate count of the money so we can announce our final tally!! ( I snagged a photo off your facebook page! Glad you had a nice vacation and came home the day before this event!)
Sheryl Adrian you did a superb job of decorating! Wow!! Elaine Peters folded “all” the napkins!! Oh my!! The whole place looked perfect!! Oakridge Greenhouse Garden Center donated a truck load of plants!! Thanks Erna Wiebe! The room was alive with spring beauty!
Lovely center pieces!! We set 23 tables, seating for 184 people and had African Jungle animals on each table. Thank you to Sheryl Adrian and her boy’s for lending their collection! Thank you too for bringing your boys to help all day!
Arlen and Jessica Penner ( Gr. 2 Teacher at Mitchell school) came again with their boys. It’s always so good to see families at these events. Our children learn from us and it’s great to include them in reaching out to others in need. Way to go!
Provision of Hope’s display showing some of our Hope Home Children and photos of children still needing sponsorships.
Karen Barkman showed a power point of the on going work in Liberia. 4 Homes were built through Raise the Roof Dinners, and with this fundraiser we have raised 137,528 through these events! South East Manitoba your community is outstanding! You have generous  hearts with an incredible ability to work together for a cause!
Frank and Linda Dorion stepped forward to build our first Children’s Home for Dapae and Rita. This makes it 5 homes we built, including the rebuild of Ma Esther’s home destroyed by fire. Had you not chose to sponsor Dapae and Rita they would most likely still be poor refugees stuck in the Buduburam Refugee Camp. No wonder they named their baby girl after you Mother Linda!

We are so grateful to  Granny’s Poultry for donating the chicken again this year!  Pastor Rob Martens from the Mitchell Gospel church was our MC.  You did a great job!  Thank you and your church for partnering with us for the past 10 plus years!  You are a small church with a far reach!  Rachel Siemens came out and covered our event so well, on Steinbach on Line!   Elaine Peters had 40 volunteers who cheerfully came out to serve.  Does anyone ever say no to you Elaine?  Probably not.  I love how you live by example!  There are so many people we could thank individually and of course all who gave so generously!

Audrey Kampen and Elaine Peters co-ordinated a remarkable Treats and Treasures again at the Mitchell School. Wow!!! This year you topped them all with $ 3,614! Even the staff had a silent auction and raised  $ 1,200! The whole school was buzzing with excitement that day !!

Thank you to Principal Joe Thiessen and Vice Principal John Terrick for allowing your students to think outside the box and for introducing them to global development at such early ages.  You are raising up students who will be world changers at home in their local communities and world wide!  Your staff is remarkable! Six of your teachers sponsor children.  Other families and students in your school also sponsor our children. Treats and Treasures has raised many dollars over the years for Provision of Hope!  Thank you Elaine Peters for being our MB Rep and Advocate!

Treats and Treasures is a Giant Garage Sale put on by the  K-4 students.  They bring baked treats and all kinds of personal items to sell.  Everyone gets to shop!  Gr 4 students are the vendors and look after the money. What a great idea Mitchell Elementary!!

In 2011 Treats and Treasures raised $ 750 for Bunk Beds for Ma Esther’s children. Before that they slept on the floor.
In 2012 Treats and Treasures raised $ 1,100 for teaching materials for the team of teachers that went to Liberia to conduct 2 major conferences for 27 schools and 152 teachers and principals.
In 2013 Treats and Treasures raised $ 1,400 and funded 7 Liberian students to school. These are children who would not get to school because they don’t have the funding, in a country where everyone must pay for their school costs.
In 2014 Treats and Treasures raised $ 1,600 and funded 8 students to school. This is a photo drawn by Jestina saying thank you!
In 2015 Treats and Treasures raised  $ 2,247 and funded 8 students to school plus black leather shoes, which are mandatory to wear.  School fees went up substantially after the Ebola Crisis.
In 2016 Treats and Treasures raised $ 3,087 funding 9 students to school plus all their supplies for the year. So amazing!!!

Thank you South East Manitoba for being a BIG PART of this work!

God Bless you!!

Karen Barkman







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