Look at Our Precious Graduates!!

We are celebrating with our children Favor Kiepea and Alvin Sherman on their Graduation Day! They have  both passed from kindergarten to Grade 1!  In Liberia this is a cap and gown ceremony!  Many special guests come to celebrate this day!

Favor and Alvin are part of Eric and Kamah’s beautiful family. In this home EACH CHILD is loved and valued.
Favor joined our family in 2016 after her mother died of tuberculosis. She came from very poor living conditions. Favor only started school after she came to live with Eric and Kamah. Favor you have done so well!
Alvin and Favor hold up their Graduation Certificates
Kamah made special food for their family and all the special guests
Kamah is so proud of her children
Alvin has been in our family since he was 6. After his father was taken to jail, him and his twin brother Calvin needed someone to care for them. Their mother died when they were very young. Thank God for Eric and Kamah who provide the love and care needed for these dear children.
Kindergarten Graduates
Kamah hands out popcorn and party treats to the children.

We will be registering close to 150 students to school next month. We have several thousand to raise yet before August. God help us, keep our children in school! We know that education makes a way out of poverty. We see that in our university and college graduates. Education opens the door to opportunities.

Thank you donors! Thank you sponsors of Favor and Alvin! Look at what you are doing for these kids!

For the sake of the children,

Karen Barkman