Can we help Otis Jallah go to school?

You may remember the post of Otis Jallah, the young 12 yr. old boy who picks up garbage in the community, to help feed his family.  Click here to see  WILL SOMEONE HELP A 12 YR. OLD BOY?

Thank you to the person who donated for Otis to get his new wheelbarrow, gloves, boots etc.  What a big help!








Daniel Coleman just reported that he still sees Otis consistently working.  He is always doing his job and helping to feed his big family.








Today Daniel asked if we could possibly put Otis to school.  He could be in grade 3 but there is no money.  I am asking myself, Can we help one more?  We have already registered well over 100, and we have school supplies to go yet.  Every child needs $ 60 USD for their uniform $ 20, Book bag $ 20, Shoes $ 15, Copy books & Pens $ 5.  Plus their PE outfit $ 25.  That’s over $ 6,000!! My faith kicked in again, and I am going for one more starfish on the beach!!! This one really is a STAR!!  See the STARFISH STORY

I decided I would do a blog post, and if someone decides to help Otis to school, we will take on one more student.  The immediate cost to register him and pay his first installment would be $ 125 USD ( including PE Uniform) plus $ 60 for his school supplies.  We keep a close supervision on students, always getting their report cards, and school payment receipts.  Our staff goes directly to the school, to do the payment. Otis could attend the Joy Foundation International School System in his community.

Today, I hope to bring Daniel Coleman good news!  He is our Mercy Ministry Director with a heart full of compassion for the less privileged children like Otis.  He was raised in an orphanage, and carries the heart of Jesus for widows and orphans.








Daniel Coleman is like a big brother to this young boy.  He is a real encourager to Otis and his family!

Click here to read about Daniel Coleman ORPHAN CHILD NOW STUDIES CRIMINAL LAW

See Daniel Coleman’s Graduation with his degree   CONGRATULATIONS DANIEL COLEMAN

Daniel is the Director of Mat to Mattress where we do a room makeover for our widows.  They go from the cold, hard floor to a nice comfortable bed, with a quality mattress.  Have a look at  OPERATION MAT TO MATTRESS IS STILL GOING STRONG

I thank God for our staff in Liberia.  Malcolm Harris is our Chief Country Director, Daniel Keamue is our Accountant, and Daniel Coleman is our Director for Mercy Ministries.  They are all men of integrity, who have been with us for many years.  This year it is 15 yrs. that I have been working in this field.  Today I am so grateful for the privilege of walking with Jesus among the poor.  He’s very easy to find here in the hearts of these precious people!

To donate to Otis Jallah’s school fund Click here ….. DONATE




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